Substantial Increase in Grants Revolutionises Construction Training

CITB’s Game-Changing Step: Substantial Increase in Grants Revolutionises Construction Training

Introduction: In a groundbreaking move, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has announced a remarkable £100 million investment in grants, aimed at empowering construction workers by facilitating their access to training and fostering skill development within the industry.

CITB Grant Scheme Elevations: Responding to industry dynamics, CITB has significantly elevated grant rates for construction Supervision and Management NVQs. This strategic decision supports individuals affected by the discontinuation of the Grandfather Rights for obtaining a CSCS card.

Insight from CITB Chief Executive Tim Balcon: During these challenging economic times, CITB's increased grant rates tackle escalating costs, enabling employers to secure top-tier training to upskill their workforce. Balcon emphasized, “Investing in training provides a competitive edge, aiding businesses in talent retention, attraction, and readiness to take on new projects.”

Eligibility and Claim Process: Eligibility for the CITB Grant scheme extends to all construction companies registered with CITB, encompassing smaller enterprises exempt from the levy (those with a wage bill below £80k). The grant applies to directly employed staff and subcontractors.

Claimable Amounts and Application Procedure: From April 1st, 2023, CITB registered companies can claim:

  • £600 for Level 2 NVQs
  • £1200 for Level 3-4 NVQs
  • £1500 for Level 6-7 NVQs

Upon NVQ completion, submitting a CITB Grant application form with necessary details and learners’ certificates to initiates the claim process, typically taking around 4 weeks for processing.

Insight into NVQ Process: NVQs, competency-based assessments, evaluate existing skills, knowledge, and experience without traditional exam formats. Assessments, led by seasoned construction professionals, focus on practical expertise demonstrated through evidence of work.

Duration and Fast-Track Options: NVQ completion time varies, supported over 12 months, but can realistically be achieved within 1–3 months based on individual commitment. Fast-track options cater to experienced Supervisors and Managers, aiming for qualification completion within 4 weeks or less.

Attainment of CSCS Card: Completion of specific NVQ levels paves the way for applying for:

Application for NVQ: Interested individuals can explore available NVQ qualifications via the provided links or contact 0333 011 6266 to initiate the application process.



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