NVQ's in Management

The NVQ’s in Management courses are tailored for project managers, site managers, assistant site managers, and construction company directors or owners who meet established occupational standards. This qualification serves as a validation of the skills and expertise amassed throughout one's managerial career within the construction industry.


This NVQ offers five distinct pathways, catering to diverse specializations within the industry:

  • Building & Civil Engineering
  • Conservation
  • Demolition
  • Highway & Maintenance
  • Residential Development


For personalised guidance or clarification on eligibility, please reach out to us.


Upon successful completion of the NVQ in Management, candidates become eligible to obtain their CSCS Manager card, denoted by the prestigious black card status. This credential signifies a high level of expertise and proficiency in construction management.



What are the benefits of this Level 2 NVQ?

  • Enhance their career prospects
  • Have their existing skills recognised
  • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification
  • Increased work opportunities globally

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you need a CSCS card while you are doing your qualification, you can apply for the Experienced Worker card. You can request this card as soon as we have enrolled you on the NVQ (you will also need to pass the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test). To apply for the temporary card, we will email you your proof of enrollment, which you must submit to CSCS. You will then upgrade to the Skilled Worker card once you have finished the qualification.

Complete the Manager and Professional CITB Test and apply online with your completed NVQ qualification certificate. If you know which type of test to take, you can contact us on our Online Service and book you CSCS test.

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