A16 NVQ in Industrial Forklift Trucks

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50% to begin the NVQ process; followed by 50% upon completion.

A16 NVQ in Industrial Forklift Trucks - NVQ level 2 Diploma in Plant Operations



The A16 NVQ in Industrial Forklift Trucks qualification is specifically designed for individuals engaged in operating and managing industrial forklift trucks across diverse industrial settings. This certification validates their proficiency and expertise in handling these specialized vehicles.


Course Overview:

This qualification is aimed at those who are in work and are looking for recognition of their prior learning and experience as a Industrial Forklift Trucks Operative. Its primary purpose is to confirm the learner’s occupational competence as a Industrial Forklift Trucks Operative. As a work-related, competence-based qualification, it provides confirmation to employers, industry managers and card schemes that the learner has the skills and knowledge needed to meet the nationally recognised standard to carry out the role.


Course Benefits:

  • Access to the Blue CPCS / NPORS card
  • Streamlined assessment process
  • No exams or classroom-based elements
  • Lifetime qualification validity
  • Enhanced career prospects
  • Fast track options available



This qualification targets individuals currently working and seeking recognition for their prior learning and experience in the field. The Blue 'Competent Operator' CPCS card signifies a higher level of proficiency and competency. To obtain this card, individuals must:

  • Have at least six months of on-site experience in the specified plant category.
  • Complete a (construction) plant or lifting operations NVQ.
  • Pass the CITB / CPCS Health, Safety & Environment Test. To book, Click Here


Course Structure:

Candidates must complete all of the Mandatory units.

  • Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Preparing and Operating Industrial Forklift Trucks to Lift and Transfer Loads in the Workplace


Assessment Process:

Our assessment methods for Level 2 Certificate in Plant Operations are comprehensive, ensuring a thorough evaluation of practical skills, theoretical understanding, and operational decision-making. Methods include practical skills observation, evidence review (videos, photographs), knowledge questioning, professional discussion, and witness testimony.



Supported by the CPCS and NPORS, this qualification is acknowledged by the industry. The CPCS / NPORS BLUE Card recognises skills, knowledge, understanding, competence, and qualifications in construction roles.


Next Steps:

Are you ready to progress as a certified as Competent Plant Operator professional? For enrollment and further assistance, contact us at 0208 983 8800.


NVQ Funding eligibility and claim process: 

Eligibility for the CITB Grant scheme extends to all construction companies registered with CITB, encompassing smaller enterprises exempt from the levy (those with a wage bill below £80k). The grant applies to directly employed staff and subcontractors.

Claimable Amounts and Application Procedure: From April 1st, 2023, CITB registered companies can claim:

£600 for Level 2 NVQs
£1200 for Level 3-4 NVQs
£1500 for Level 6-7 NVQs

Upon NVQ completion, submitting a CITB Grant application form with necessary details and learners’ certificates to grant.claimforms@citb.co.uk initiates the claim process, typically taking around 4 weeks for processing.



Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is suitable for:

  • An NVQ in construction is a valuable qualification that showcases your skills and proficiency within your trade. It serves as proof of your competence and demonstrates your capability to work effectively and safely. When paired with a CPCS card or NPORS Card, this qualification confirms your expertise to individuals who haven't observed you at work, like prospective employers, site managers, or new clients. It's a trusted validation of your abilities and experience in the construction industry.

Frequently asked questions

All of our assessors are industry competent and qualified. You will be assigned one Assessor/Tutor throughout the duration of the course so you know who to deal with and build that important rapport. There is no limit to the support you can ask for.

No. There are no requirements for you to attend our centre. You will study in you own time and meet our assessor at your work to carry out site visits and assessments.

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50% to begin the NVQ process; followed by 50% upon completion.