Grandfather Rights skills cards soon to be invalid

The impending expiration of over 60,000 industry skills cards obtained through the Grandfather Rights process by December 31st, 2024, marks a significant shift. These cards, issued as part of the Industry Accreditation process post-January 1st, 2020, will cease to be renewable.

The decision to discontinue CSCS Industry Accreditation aligns with the Construction Leadership Council's commitment to fostering a completely skilled and competent workforce. Previously, Industry Accreditation facilitated the acquisition of CSCS cards based on employer recommendations, bypassing the necessity for recognized qualifications for experienced individuals in the field.

What each individual needs to do next depends on their occupation and what qualifications they may already hold.

Those requiring a qualification DO NOT need to attend college and CITB grants are available to support CITB-registered employers achieve recognised qualifications.

If you require more information and need to apply for NVQ, please contact us 0203 983 8800


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